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Ceremonial Cacao Bar

Ceremonial Cacao Bar

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100% Ceremonial Cacao 

Single Source Peruvian Criollo Cacao Paste Bars

Welcome to our sanctuary of indulgence! Immerse yourself in the world of pure bliss with our 100% Ceremonial Cacao. This extraordinary cacao is sourced organically and ethically, ensuring a rich, authentic experience for both you and the communities involved; this cacao is crafted with the utmost care.

Elevate your senses with the inherent richness of theobromine, a natural compound that stimulates the heart and mind, releasing serotonin and anandamide—the ultimate happy hormones.

Key Features:

  • Organic and Fairtrade: Our commitment to sustainability ensures that every sip you take contributes to the well-being of the environment and the farmers who nurture this sacred cacao.
  • Theobromine-Rich: Dive into the stimulating embrace of theobromine, fostering a sense of euphoria and heightened awareness.
  • Nutrient-Packed: Packed with essential minerals like magnesium and iron, our ceremonial cacao nourishes your body and mind, promoting overall well-being.

Perfect for ceremonial use or special occasions, this ceremonial cacao is a conduit for shared experiences and introspective moments. Elevate your gatherings, enhance your rituals, and celebrate life with our 100% Ceremonial Cacao – a gift from nature to nurture your soul.  

Other Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao Varieties;

98% Cacao for daily ritual  - Pebbled Paste;

  • This absolutely delicious blend is slightly softer and  less bitter than the 100%
  • Ingredients: Ceremonial Grade Criollo Cacao Beans, Cacao Butter,  > 2% Organic Panela, Vanilla Bean Powder 
  • 100% Organic, Fairtrade ingredients which are gently ground together in a granite stone grinder, no cooking, nothing removed, 

For the creamiest and frothiest elixir, we recommend using either a milk frother, whisk, or a blender. Either of these tools will help to create a smooth and velvety texture that will enhance the flavor and overall experience of your drink.

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