Prema Cacao

Company Story

Established in 2018 in the jungles of Peru, Prema embarked on a mission to discover the ancient tradition of cacao and ceremony. In 2019 on her return to Australia the journey to share her passion for cacao as a healing modality truly began. 

Over the years, Prema and her team have evolved the offering, transforming whole cacao beans into the fine quality drinking cacao that is available today. Yes, our cacao is a whole-food not powder!


Prema offers direct online sales or wholesale distribution opportunities. 

Prema also offers her community events including ceremonial cacao events, workshops, Cacao and Sound healing, Cacao and Heart Song, Cacao and Voice Activations, or you can request a special private Cacao Ceremony for your own group. (Discounts available for distributors ) 

At Prema Cacao, we celebrate the art of cacao as a vessel for connection, self-discovery, and well-being. Whether you're seeking a profound spiritual journey or simply savoring a cup of exquisite cacao, our ceremonial cacao promises an authentic, ethically sourced experience.