About Cacao (History and Benefits)

Ceremonial-grade paste is made by fermenting and usually sun-drying the beans,
then peeling the husks (usually by hand) and stone-grinding them down to create a
paste which is set into a block absolutely nothing added, nothing removed. The
bean’s fat remains intact, helping to balance its stimulating properties and facilitate
absorption During the process, the Cacao is ideally kept at low temperatures to
retain the spirit, also intention and positive energy from tree to mouth is of vital
significance to keep in alignment with the cacao spirit.

Like coffee, ceremonial cacao is a stimulant that will alter your state of body and
mind once ingested but without the nervous system stimulation which gives you the
‘jitters’. Coffee contains large amounts of caffeine where Ceremonial Cacao is
loaded with theobromine (which stimulates the cardiovascular system) and can give
you the feeling of an uplifting warmth a ‘heart opening’ state of feeling deeply
connected with life in a beautiful moment. Think of that moment in your life when you felt a heart-warming and euphoric sensation that comes from experiencing
something beautiful. Ceremonial cacao is known to generate a similar sensation.

What is the difference between cacao paste and cacao powder?

Cacao powder, although it may be organic, raw and a superfood is also commercially highly processed, removing the natural fat (cacao butter) from the bean. This means that many living enzymes, healthy fat and most of the subtle energetic properties of cacao have been destroyed.

Why Cacao:

Cacao has been used for centuries in ancient Mesoamerican civilizations (such as
The Mayans and Aztecs) as medicine for health, wellbeing, ceremony and
celebration. Helping people to connect with their highest self and open their hearts,
this medicine was and still is considered a sacred plant.

Since 1500 BC Cacao was used as a sacred, elite and ritualistic plant. Uplifting
spirits in sacrificial ceremonies and thought of, in Mayan mythology, as one of the
ingredients to produce Humanity, an essential part of both jovial mental states and
the human makeup.

Cacao is well known as a heart medicine.

Opening your heart allows you to connect deeper with yourself and with others in a more profound and loving way. All relationships including family, friends and loved ones gain the benefit from this self- transformation. Relaxing the body and clearing the mind. Rejuvenation, self- reflection and self-discovery, spiritual balance.

Any intention or state you wish to achieve will be enhanced in cacao ceremony including meditation, assisting mental clarity, creativity and being entirely present in
the here and now.

Not only is cacao densely rich in nutrients, but its chemical composition also yields scientifically proven heart-opening, mood-boosting effects.

This medicine also gives energy and aids the release of natural serotonin, (the happy hormone) a chemical that has several important jobs in the body. It’s a natural mood stabiliser that control wellbeing and happiness. improving mood and focus.


On a physical level, cacao is rich in magnesium working with the nervous system, muscles and joints to relax.

The Key Active component of cacao is theobromine, which opens the blood vessels and gets the blood stimulated, and Anandamide, which is known as the bliss molecule, helps produce serotonin. Cacao is also full of other vitamins and trace elements, including, naturally occurring chromium, copper, calcium, manganese, zinc, sulfur, iron, and phosphorus.

Potential Health Benefits Include:

Promote wakefulness, motivation, and alertness
Lower blood pressure
Improve blood flow
Increase HDL (“good”) cholesterol
Enhance cognition
Improve respiratory health
Improve mood
Reduce inflammation​