About Prema Cacao

Experience the rich and authentic flavour of Prema Cacao’s Ceremonial Cacao and Elixirs.  Our one-source criollo cacao from San Martin is directly harvested from the lush jungles of Peru. Grown 100% organically and sourced through fair trade practices, our cacao embodies the pure essence of the spirit of cacao,  perfect for daily rituals, ceremonies, meditation, or just enjoying a delicious cup of hot chocolate. Immerse yourself in the captivating taste and spiritual journey that our ceremonial cacao offers.

Our whole bean cacao paste is available in pebbles, making it easy to melt and blend into the perfect cup of ceremonial cacao.  Try Prema Cacao today, open your heart, awaken your senses, and connect you with your inner self, with the power of cacao.

  • Prema Cacao

    Ethically Sourced Organic Fair Trade Criollo Ceremonial Cacao from San Martin in Peru.

  • Why Cacao

    Cacao is well known as a heart medicine.

  • Benefits

    On a physical level, cacao is rich in magnesium working with the nervous system, muscles and joints to relax.